Friday, July 2, 2010

Finding Joy in the Journey

A piece of perfection, a slice of heaven, a lick of sweetness, a BAVARIAN CREAM PIE TO THE FACE! What more could one want??

I wonder what a Bavarian cream pie is......

Anyway! I'm back on the non-existent air waves of blogging! I love it. This week has come and gone, along with the tidal wave. Its the weekend and its time to celebrate right? Tell me that after my 10+ hour shift tomorrow. . .

I find it so funny, the empty lot in front of my hardware store has been an empty eye-sore for my entire life and now, just in the past week someone has decided to build a Kneader's Bakery in front of it. I love the irony of life. :) But no matter what everyone will still need hardware. No matter what.

The other morning at my library job a woman came to the door and with big puppy-dog eyes mouthed that she needed to pick up a book, she looked and me and without a second thought I put up ten fingers, she slumped, and tried to say something else.
You have to know that I am one jaded person when it comes to opening doors up before and after hours, I've had too many annoying customers come in and fasten themselves to a isle like a tick, waiting to suck all the life blood out of the store.

Anyway, the reference librarian opened the door for her and she got the books she wanted. Her reason was to have something for her children to watch and listen to for the six hour drive they had ahead.

It was like being washed with a fire hose of memories in a split second, my dad taking me to the library before a trip to the cabin or bear lake, getting mysteries, comedies, suspense and all sorts of stories. Then all of us would listen intently as the world around us slipped by, we laughed and got scared all together and then afterwards talked about what we thought.

I experienced a moment of longing, for children of my own to have an experience like that with.

I wanna take a road trip.

Today's children's book obsession is: Fancy Nancy! If there ever was a book to illustrate Megan's inner child it would be this:

This is a Bavarian Cream Pie:

This is my inner child:

I wish this was my dog:


  1. Do you remember when there was a movie theater right there where the hardware store is? I remember going to a movie there like 10 years ago. Kneaders is awesome so I say that is a good deal. Someone said you have a family connection to the Kneaders by our house. They are awesome there! We went late one Saturday night and everything was half off!!!! I ate something really good. I can't remember what it was called but it was like creme and wafers and fluffy and stuff. The cupcakes and sugar cookies are really good too.

  2. You know that sounds sooo good right now! I totally went and saw movies at that theater, too bad it shut down. :(

  3. Oh I remember that movie theater! My favorite part was all the old fashion actors and actresses painted on the outside but then didn't they remodel? Hmmmm.... kneaders? People need nails and bread ya know. Ha ha! Love seeing the inner you and the desires of your heart. I wish we had that puppy too and I wish wish wish I had a bavarian cream pie! Yummmmmmmmmmmmmm. xoxoxo