Friday, February 11, 2011

The Rest of My Life

So this past week I settled on a major. Now for those few who know me, this is a pretty big thing, seeing that I have wanted to do everything from A to Z (of course kicking out Math and Chemistry).
I can tell you all, that it is an incredible feeling. To feel at peace with a decision like this, is like having a hand guide you through the darkness, instead of flailing around waiting to smash into a hall lamp or night stand.
My major is: Occupational Therapy. Yup! I'm going to earn a Master's from the Department of Health. And I never have felt better about this choice.
Ask I was talking to the Adviser, I couldn't help but fidget in my seat, I was so excited she probably thought I was going to pee my pants. Everything made sense, and for a first I actually understood all that we talked about, I was on the same page. AMAZING!
Afterwards,while walking to catch my bus, I couldn't help but take in the world around me. The blue sky, the sun shining brightly into my face. The soft breeze blowing a chilly February breath over everything.
A feeling of peace came to my heart, and tears came to my eyes, as if someone was putting their hands on my shoulders, congratulating me. I felt stupid trying not to cry in public. But I couldn't deny this feeling, there have been few times I have felt this way, and all have been choices that have changed my life for the best.

And now it begins. I've never been happier to say that.


  1. Such a relieving feeling! Congratulations - I support anyone who goes into Occupational Therapy! Great field.