Thursday, December 8, 2011

I want to Sculpt!

Its the week before finals, and Christmas break is just around the corner.  I've burnt my brains out on Human Physiology, Physics, and Psychology. TO MANY "P" WORDS PEOPLE!
Let's get going with SCULPTURE!  I want to have clay under my fingernails again, I want to create!  Worlds are waiting to be created by my hands, and every day I think of something new to sculpt!
It doesn't help that I'm doing an entire presentation on the occupation of sculpture tonight.  As with all things, I must wait.  School must finish, but when its done that clay will never know what hit it!
Enjoy some pictures I found on line, don'they stir the imagination?

 I wish I could say all of these were done by me.  But it wouldn't be true.
I'll have to post pictures of my sculptures soon.

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  1. That may be a lot of "P" words, but none of them actually start with the "P" sound. So, technically, they don't really count.