Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Copious Amounts of Energy

Wow I don't know what it is today, but I am running on full! In fact overly full. Right now my feet are taping and legs shaking! Ah ha! I must have gotten the perfect amount of sleep. I want to do the Peewee Herman laugh every 20 seconds.

Its cold, gray and snowy. But for some reason I have summer screaming all around inside of me! Gosh when are we going to get there? Is it just around the corner? Just around the next bend in the road? I need sunlight, I need warmth, more than ever before. I guess for now I'll just bask in the light of my Love and be content with that.

Who ever thought Pitbulls were cute? They are! I'm just glad its not my dog.


  1. Mike! I was running on full today too because I had a coupon for Carl's Jr. for a buy one get one free 6-dolla burger and the first one was so good that I ate the second one too. I am just starting to feel better now. Wowzers that's a lot of burger.

  2. Ha ha! That sounds awesome, but gross!!!! Glad your feeling normal again.