Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Too young to get married.
Too poor to do that.
Too uneducated to understand.
Too scared to try.
Too proud to collapse.
Too vunerable to respond.
Too religious to have fun.
Too free to commit.
Too off-key to impress.
Too white to be special.
Too loud to listen.
Too happy to be sad.
Too distracted to connect.
Too backwards to move forward.
Too ignorant to believe.
Too secure to love.
Too hard to try.
Too obvious to be awkward.
Too significant to matter.
Too fat to be thin.
Too nervous to conquor.
Too weak to overcome.
Too strange to be the norm.
Too crazy to live.

I came up with that while taking notes in my communication class. Please give feedback.


  1. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a poet for sure! Love the pic

  2. "Too religious to have fun" - sounds extremely familiar.
    Love you Mike!

  3. That sure is neat. The picture adds to the feeling of the poem.