Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Smiling like a fool

Today I almost got hit by a UTAH TRANSIT AUTHORITY bus, got rain/snowed on and took my second final. All in one morning. And you know what? Ive been smiling like a fool through all of it!

In my institute class I was reading about marriage and I said, just before the whole marriage part, "In Two Weeks". Everyone laughed, will I be struck down for adding to the scriptures?

A friend came up to me today and said, more power to you for getting married and being excited for it. You are an example to us all and I want to be like you and your fiance when I get married. I smiled and said, it helps when your fiance practically attacks you when you walk through the door.

Thanks Jason!

Okay was looking for an awesome picture of someone smiling and found this. Totally rocks!

Good thing I didn't have a dog with me when that bus almost hit me....

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