Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Coupons & Vacations!

Geeze! Why is it that when you want technology to move fast it slows down, and then when you want things to go slow, it just speeds things up?

Well this summer has been freakishly busy! I love it! I quit hardware and now am seeing employment else where. Lets hope some doors open soon. But now I'm off to an adventure with my awesome wife to MOAB UTAH! Yeah! I'm so excited!
Hello heat, sun and desert! I'm excited for scenery change.

Megan and I found Hooper Utah the other day, just stumbled onto it in our explorations. And fell in love. We have decided that if nothing works out in my schooling efforts, were going to move to this small po-dunk town and start a Lavender Farm. We'll also keep Llamas.

QUESTION: Why is it that people think spending money (by the billions) is going to reinflate our economy? Is anyone alarmed that we have to go through the GOVERNMENT to get our finacial aid for school? When are "We the People" going to realize something is wrong and open our mouths to say something?

OTHER QUESTION: Why do I feel so much like I have been built to inspire goodness, but feel like the ability is just a yell that is turning into a yawn deep in my throat?

LAST QUESTION: When was the last time you read the constitution?

Our basement dwellere moved out last week, he took his pitbull, boxer, fish, iguana, lizards and unmentionables with him. Yay! I'm just glad its not my dog. He's theirs.

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  1. I hear ya on the built for goodness but feeling trapped. I feel at my finger tips is something really big that will make it so I can influence a lot of people for good but my arms are a hair too short to reach it. It is exhausting living every day knowing your potential yet having to wait your turn. Well, I am sure we will push through and figure out what we are missing....a yardstick maybe? :) xoxoxo