Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Notes of a People Watcher

What an interesting morning it has been. And its been a while since I last posted...... a couple weeks or so?

Today I ran into a couple that I went to high school with. They were a year younger than me in school, and have been married 7 days longer than I have. Weird.

Oh!!!! Right across from me is a man with a GNARLY mullet! Haven't seen one like it for a long time.

Today I felt like a sponge, soaking up everything that my teachers were saying. The feeling was incredible! But now its wearing off, just when I need it for my physics class. Shoot.

I guess you all are getting the spurting thoughts coming off the top of my head. Lucky you. :)

I love watching big crowds, they have a movement and destination of their own. Like a school of fish, or flock of birds. Each individual has their own thoughts, feelings, desires and destinations, but all must come together at one point or another, communing with each other, even when they don't notice it. They move with or around each other. Entire worlds colliding, smells, sounds, sights. Aura's touching together to form a kaleidoscope of life.

The individual often thinks in just that term. Individual, me, I, one. But do they ever think to look around them, to take in the montage of existence? Do they see the big picture? They are part of a family,community, city, state, country, world? The fact that that world is in the farthest flung arm of an entire galaxy? A small speck of insignificant atoms?

Do you?

Or do I just sit back and say, "Its not my dog" and move on my way, with my earphones in and music blaring.

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