Thursday, September 9, 2010

Falling Potted Plants and Biology Class

Last night I had a two hour biology class. It was pretty interesting, we talked about cells, mitochondria, prokeriotes, bacteria, hydrogen peroxide and other related subjects.

I accidentally laughed out loud when my teacher told us a story of how his friend died of hemorrhaging. Okay I'm not sick! But he was telling us how his friend would always grab his nose under the nostrils to help relieve cramps in his legs, apparently there's a pressure point under you nose. Well I thought he was joking about his friend hemorrhaging... yeah not.

Well after all that interesting stuff, I went to see what one of my friends was watching on his laptop. It was the amazing PBS Sherlock Holmes series and I was about to do a victory dance for it, but my natural grace and poise got the better of me. My foot caught in the laptop power cord, wrapped around the beautifully potted plant (that my friends wife had given him a week earlier) and ceremoniously dumped it, the beautifully positioned rocks around the plant, and a plastic green dinosaur onto the floor.

Of all the things to happen. Don't worry the plant suffered nothing from the encounter, except for being a little shook up. My pride was dented, like always, but everything was great.

The rational part of my mind screamed: "It's not my dog!"


  1. You are such a clod. A family trait! Got to love it

  2. Frankly the health of the plant remains to be seen. I hope for your own personal well being that it is able to pull through. :)

  3. what an exciting experience!/Hilorious! Delightful! True!

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