Wednesday, December 8, 2010



Anyone remember their earliest memory?

Mine was this:

Having the coolest plastic airplane with white exterior and red interior in hand while being pulled in a little red wagon down a white tiled, white walled hallway. There were a lot of knee caps and then darkness.

That was when I was two or three, my tongue was too short for my mouth, so they had to clip the skin connecting my tongue to my mouth, that way I was able to stick my tongue out and lick my ice cream or even say my sister's name: Melissa.

Now days people have to tell me to slow down when I talk, funny eh?

One day I remember walking down the street to my friends home. While passing a particularly large and spiky yucca plant (its stalks seemed to touch the sky), a yellow jacket landed on my arm and climbed up my sleeve. As any normal four year old would do, I panicked.
The sensation of the sting has since fled my memory, but I will never forget screaming at the tops of my lungs, until my mother came running down (mind you 5 houses down the block) to come and comfort me. Some how she knew it was my scream, and probably thought I was being killed or something.

When growing up, there was a beautiful lady in the neighborhood that called me her sunshine. She looked exactly like a barbie, with the long straight blond hair, tan skin and beautiful smile.
I was hooked,(mind you I was four at the time)I'd get my best smile ready for her to see along with my chest all puffed out, trying to be as impressive as a four year old could.
I remember always seeing her at our church, when going through the front doors. She give me her dazzling smile and a hug. I'd probably go all bright red and crack my face in half just grinning about it.
A few years later she passed away unexpectedly. It turned the neighborhood upside down, and shook many lives. I was one.
Who was I going to smile for now?
I decided from then on to give my smile to everyone I met.
Along with my sunshine.

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