Monday, November 22, 2010

Today was cold! I didn't think much on it as I ran out the door to catch my bus this morning. But when a particularly severe breath of Old Man Winter found its way down my throat, it promptly frumpled and wizzled away. Of course I had to breath again, so my throat reinflated, if not begrudgingly.

Today has been. . . . interesting to say the least.

BUT before I go on, I just have to mention the milestone (Not millstone) in my life has come and gone. I hit 6 months being married to my amazing wife! The good new is that she hasn't killed me yet! Naa, just kidding. But seriously.

We had an awesome time, eating sushi and then laughing so hard it almost came back up. To you my love, here's to the future.

Today,the climax of my day came and went before 1:00. Now its kind of on the downward slope. I had a physics test today. It ended up being a bit more. . .how should I put it, digestable(?), than I thought. I made it out with all fingers and toes accounted for.
Boy, its going to be a great day when that class ends!

What was the last creative thing you've done?

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