Sunday, November 7, 2010

An Ode to Beginnings

What does one think when confronted by a beginning?
When the mountain is before them, or the road twisting onwards, what will one say?
What would you feel for a beginning? Anxiety, weakness or fear?
When would your heart rate speed up? When your feet are in the cradle of the starting line? In the first breath of life? Or the flutter of first wing?
Where will your beginning take you? Left or right? Up or down? This way or that?
How will I make it, what will this profit me, when will it end?

So many glittering shimmering fears, reflected in the light of our own aura, own understanding and sight. The calm before the storm, the dark mouth of the tunnel, the first scratches of ink on paper or first bars of a song sung.

How much do we really fear the beginning, when it is just short of the best part. Our abilities, and talents begin to stretch. Our minds to open and our faith to grow. We are a new day, clear with no mistakes, we choose how to react and think.

The beginning of a week, the start of a job, the first day of school, a first birthday, a new day, a new moon, a new cycle, the beginnings of a storm, the unfurling of a kite, a bubble being blown into life, a firework fuse lit, a love rekindled, true love found in first sight, the brushing of hands or kissing of lips, the turning of a piston, the flick of a switch, the ring of a phone, the pull of a plug, the match to the wick, the needle to threat, the wheat with the water, the rain to a seed, the wish that becomes a dream, the flash that proceeds the boom, the drop before the deluge, the dark before the light.

What will you do for your beginning? Will you squander it in apprehension and fear, will you be pulled by the wind and pushed from your goal? Will you step away from your beginning and back down from that hill? Will you look the other way and say, "Its not my dog."

Or will you step forward into the dark, cry out your faith, your passion and zeal for life. Will you greet the dawn, challenge that mountain and face that fear.

Will you start to finish? Will you claim your end and say with a voice loud and clear:

I have fought the good fight,
I have stayed the course,
I have kept the faith.