Friday, November 19, 2010

A Quick Minute

How busy are you in a day?
Do you have a little time to stop? To breath?
Can you stop and sigh that sigh?
Enjoy the view for that split second, or meditate for that infinitesimal space of time?

If or when you get a pause, how do you spend it?
FOCUSED? Disjointed? Unconventionally? Unproductively?
Are you selfish with your moment, or do you think outside your box?
Who do you think about?

I am a focused, disjointed thinker that is selfish most of the time.
Missing a bigger picture, another view, or a more important person.
How busy am I today?

Will I say: too busy for you?

Just enough time for me?

Or do I think of you?
How you feel in your moments?
What is your view of?
Do you feel disjointed?

Today in my quick minute, I'm thinking of you,
where you are,
what your doing,
and how much you mean to me.

In this quick minute, I just want you.

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