Monday, November 1, 2010

Complexities of a Simle Idea

It's a new month! Crazy! November here we come. I know Halloween is over and all, but I'm going to continue posting short stories here, for practice and such. So yeah, this should be interesting.

This week I've decided to live Facebook free, it should be interesting. I think I'll feel more accomplished with my focus on real-life relationships (those that are happening face to face or physcially around my body). We shall see.

Anyway, I decided to not wear my headphones on the bus today, in turn I was able to have a interesting discussion involving: Football, Halloween recap and movies.

With the invention of inner ear silence I walked to my classes with the sounds of November Autumn all around me, I had to deviate from my regular routine to crunch through leaves, smell cool grass, look at bare trees, and see the world from a slightly different perspective: two feet to the left.

It was all quite refreshing.
As I'm sure the rest of my walks outside will be.

I also saw a woman who looked like she was blowing kisses at me. After double taking, I realized she was blowing kisses to her car. After two more feet and a tripple take I realized she was trying to lock her car from a distance, pointing the clicker to the left, then the right. Dancing on one foot, while sticking the clicker under her chin, and in front of her mouth.

I wonder if it ever locked.