Friday, November 5, 2010


The other day I was running round and round a track. My goal that day was to run the mile and get to class. Just as I was about to finish my mile, I had this sudden urge to keep going. My mind had this split second battle with itself as I saw the end in sight, and before I knew it the line was flashing by and my feet were still going. It felt good.

As I kept going I could feel myself growing tired, but not one to back down when my mind gets me into these things, I pushed myself, encouraging, always looking to the end, keeping it in sight.

4 laps to go....

3 laps to go....

I could feel my body working, my lungs pumping, my feet hitting the floor. My rhythm beat itself out steadily with my heart beat and breath. I felt one with my body, my surroundings.

2 laps to go....

Keep going, there's no point in stopping now.

1 lap to go....

I suddenly didn't want to stop running, my breathing was coming more shallowly, and it was harder to push myself, but my feet kept thumping the floor, I couldn't stop. My side was on fire, breathing deeply to get air, I felt sweat running down my back and face.

Don't stop now.

And there it was, the finishing line, the end, and it flashed by.

I reached my goal, Two miles straight. I was gasping, and cramping up everywhere, but I fulfilled, elated, and proud that I stuck to my goal.

Its funny now to think about it, this thought comes to mind:

If I were my own dog, I would have said, "That's my dog."

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  1. Keep running Michael! Cherish every moment you feel your knees glide one step at a time. I'd suggest keeping this up - running is a terrific stress reducer as I'm sure you know. BTW I like the orange light flecks.