Sunday, January 30, 2011

Opening Your Mind's Eye

Ever felt like your own eyes are to small for your mind?
Like the mind's eye has been stretched and then melted wide open, taking in the world around you. You have an overload of every sense, taste, touch, hearing and sight? The world flashes past you, making your eyes spin, but feeling the pleasure of your synapses firing the information off through your brain.

I was there, on the bus that afternoon, feeling like a child, seeing everything for the first time again. The window of my imagination seemed to spill over, I was seeing every car, person, biker, door, window, street, lamp, lights, meters, column, alley, skyscraper, crane, welder, construction hat, cement block, for the first time.
My eyes, took apart each, piece by pieces,particle by particle,mapping it out within milliseconds. I was hooked, addicted, obsessed with the view out the window. My ears were assaulted with the music of my Ipod, the conversations of the people around me, and the deep thrum of the bus beneath me.

As I walked home, from my stop, each pore of my skin was open to the wind, sucking in air greedily, wanting more. I could feel the sun, warming me, and the hard earth pushing back on my feet with every step.
It was incredible. I never felt more alive.

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