Thursday, January 20, 2011

Simple Things

Today a co-worker told me a quote, "It was the simple things in life, in marriage that meant the most. A kiss goodbye, holding hands, or even a smile." She said, her face glowing with adoration, "My husband has made it a habit to kiss me once every day he leaves for work."

I had to stop and think, what were the simple things in my marriage?

The kisses goodbye.
A whispered: I love you.
The squeezing of my hand.
A simple love note.
Peanut butter and jelly.
Secret meetings in the shelves of the library?

Each day, we are filled with so many things. Our days are as big as our schedule. Our thoughts are on tasks at hand. There are largely complex problems to deal with, some may be beyond us, others require sacrifice, hard work and intellectual stretching.
In these days we accomplish so much, go so far, stretch beyond our limits and achieve the impossible. We are proud of our accomplishments, conquering our foe, beating the rival, winning the prize.
Our cups are seemingly full to the brim, even flowing over.
So why bother about the simple things?
Why enjoy the puffy clouds in the sky, or feel the sun, just for a moment, kissing your skin with rays of warmth.
Why bother about a hand held, or a smile passed on.

I ask myself these questions.

And I think I need to be more watchful. . .thoughtful. . .and grateful.

Simple things.

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