Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring Among the Snow

I have to say, the weather has been changing these past few weeks. I can feel spring just around the corner, waiting with a sea of green and sky of blue.
The other day, while on a bus, I sat enjoying the view of the sun-lit sky, huge puffy clouds rolled above, and all around was bathed in just the right amount of heat. One couldn't help but share a smile. I probably looked like an idiot smiling at everything, but I just didn't care.
As my bus came to a round-a-bout, a panorama was mine for an instant. An open park, with naked trees, brownish grass, and vacant jungle gym laying contented in a pre-spring thaw. It was empty, save for one figure, energetically swinging back and forth, back and forth. Oddly enough, the figure seem a bit to large for the swing. (In a grown up sort of way) My mind shifted gears not used in years, and I felt my inner child surface.
It was her smile I saw first: toothy, from ear to ear. Then her hands on the chains, her feet pointed straight before her, then sharply bending back, pushing her higher and higher. Eyes wide open, taking in her jubilation, she swung higher and higher, seeming to giggle with the feeling of weightlessness.
Beside one of the poles, leaned her bike, discarded. A symbol of this woman's adulthood, her reality,and experience, patiently waiting, grounded by its own sense of responsibility.
Again, my inner child connected with the feeling, the need to be free, careless, and unguarded. I wanted throw my responsibility aside, to jump off the bus, to laugh carelessly, to touch the sky, just like her.
But then my bus slid along solid lines of adulthood. My view shifted, and that stupendous view of childhood contentment was gone.

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