Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Has Come

Today is Spring, I don't care that its actually two weeks away. I woke up today with a blue sky and the sun rising over snow capped mountains. I could actually see my wife's face in the blue light of dawn.
We made pancakes and listened to Keith Urban, a sure sign that Spring is here, and enjoyed the morning together.

I feel like the back of my winter has broken, spring is here, and is not going anywhere for a while.

We got new neighbors the other day. They have a candy apple red Mazda, when we opened the door to our apartment, we almost went blind it was so bright.

The other day on the bus, we stopped at a spot that had a bunch of rough looking people all around. It was in the middle of the city, busy streets, and everything. So I had a good view of everyone, but one scene gave grabbed my attention.
There in the shelter of the bus stop sat a mother and two little girls. They were bundled to the eyes but all three were concentrating hard on a book. "Gram the Pig".
Mom was reading it with gusto, facial expressions and all, I could almost pick out what she was saying, and both girls reading along, with big smiles on their faces.
Here was a beautiful family, full of innocence and love, surrounded my the roughened lives all around them. A smooth patch among the rocks of life, a rose among the thorns. So beautiful.

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