Friday, January 13, 2012

Lost in Thought

It's amazing to me how on such a cold winter day, I can feel the warmth of sunlight on my face.  Even though my glasses fog, and the wind bites my nose, I can still feel energy coming from our source of life.  It finally the January I know and love.
Today I sat on my bus, with my Anthropology book in my lap, and soaked in the surroundings: a bright blue wispy sky, the ebb and flow of traffic, a grumbling bus engine that propelled me to my stop just in front of a spectacularly designed court house.  I found myself meandering my way past the City and County building, admiring the stone and mortar of its walls, a very stoic figure surrounded by all the naked trees.  And the thought dawned on me: I'm lost in thought!  Not a very profound one, or one unknown to my mind.  But why had this common thought thrust itself out to my mind, to rub against the ridges and wrinkles of my grey matter?  I was lost in my thought, with no accompaniment, there were no words or lyrics being sung into my ear canals.  I had no emotions assaulting me,  I wasn't being moved by a constant melody or beat.  It was just me, my conscience and no one else.
If you do not follow my thought, or understand what I am saying, DROP YOUR HEADPHONES.  I know in the past I have said I'm unplugging for the day, and I often make fun of others and myself for being cut off from the world around them, but now I am unplugging.  I'm dedicating this semester (and possibly others) to an Ipod free semester.  Some may scoff and wonder how long that will last, others just may flip past the screen.  But know, those of you that stay and read this, I am unplugging myself from my small inside world, and experiencing the great wonders around me.
Its already been a week, so lets see what more comes from it!

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