Saturday, September 22, 2012

A moment.

Today was Saturday.  Not Monday or Thursday, but Saturday.  I started it off like any other normal, sane, warm blooded mammal would with a walk at 6:30a.m.  We've recently changed our place of habitation and thought it prudent to explore the new scenery.  Our first attempt was somewhat thwarted by mosquitoes the size of frozen burritos.  That situation took a turn for the worst when we realized how far we truly had come into the winged beasts' territory.

Anyway, this second expedition proved most refreshing.  We slipped out the front door, unheard, into the darkness of the waning night.  Everything around us still slept, even the front porches of the houses we past gave us on heed.  The air seemed almost to crystallize over our skins as we moved quietly past bog and fen, causing our skin to dimple in the first tracings of Autumn.  Ancient willow trees dipped long tendrils of silver green leaves, drinking in dew from golden blades of grass.  All was still and silent, even our soft conversations of family and children clung to us.  Our path wandered amiably before us, horses on one side roadway on the other.  In the distance, to the East, rose the mountains, a purple shadow, slowly awakening in morning's first rays.
Even an apparent gathering of bird hunting enthusiasts seemed muted in the silence of the morning.  Our thoughts and language were reflective in nature, turning to the past, thinking about the future.  Uprooting ourselves into a new environment can do this to the mind and body.  I find it slowly exhilarating.

I believe my fearless companion and I had stumbled across an extended moment in time.  Unbeknownst to her, time seemed to stand still, making the very particles of oxygen consider their trajectory as they passed one another.  The skin of my palm melded with the palm of hers, becoming one living, feeling and breathing organism.  Our very vessel was not two ships passing in the night, but one, leading through the cessation of our world.

The sky became that indistinct color, indefinably blue-yellow, but not green.  The mountains again turned a deep velvety purple, majestically fortifying the rising sun.  I was completely lost in the sensation of living.

And before I knew it, that moment found its cusp.  Threads pulled, bells and whistles sounded, the refreshment of thought drained its last drops.  And now I find myself, already in the last hour of this day, wishing that moment could have existed just a little longer.

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