Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Journal of a Stay-at-Home Husband

I thought it was about time I posted something, I mean, it is my prerogative as being a new Stay-at-Home Husband.  Its been three weeks since I quit my job.  I still feel great about the decision to focus all of my time at being the best student I can be.  And my grades will concur.  Just ask the new shiny 'A' I'll be getting in my Statistics class!  (I've never been one to get that kind of scoring in a math class). (I just reread that line and laughed.)

Anyway, now-a-days I spend my time doing my homework assignments from my tiny laptop on the kitchen table. Taking breaks now and then to fold laundry, clean dirty dishes, blast rock and roll when no one is around, and make the bed.  I've got it down to a science, the lady upstairs always leaves before anyone else, then like clockwork the people next door leave, and viola!  I'm alone ready to scrub dishes along with U2, Tears for Fears, Talking Heads and Coldplay!  (I know I know, your all shaking your heads at the shear AWESOMENESS of it all.)

On the flips side, being a Stay-at-Home Husband does have its awkward moments.  Like the other day, out and about walking around doing some errands, I run into a regular from my former job. I know already know how the conversation will go in my head:

Former regular giving me the once over: "Hey!  I haven't seen you in a while, do you work here now?"
Me: Actually I don't, I decided to go full time with my schooling.
Former Regular waiting to be impressed: Sounds like a good thing.
 Me going in for the impressive strike: Yes sir, I'll graduate early and build up my application for Graduate school.
Former Regular: More power to you!  That's pretty impressive and completely worth your time and effort, you should get a gold star.
Me: Well that's what I'm going for.


Former regular giving me the once over: "Hey, I haven't seen you for a while, do you work here now?"
Me: "Nope, I actually quit."
Former regular, waiting for impressive remark: Really?  Where do you work now?
Me: I don't. . . .I'm being a student full time now.
Former regular clearly not impressed: That's. . .good.  Do you have another job lined up?
Me realizing I didn't do my hair or shave today, probably look a little homeless: "Nope. Just school."
Former regular, giving me one of those "what are you nuts?" look.

A w k w a r d  .  .  .  S i l e n c e

Former regular looking for avenue escape: We'll that's good you are able to do that.
Me, waiting for a bus to fall from the sky: Yeah, it is!  We'll I've got to run.
Former regular: It was good to see you again.
Me: You too.

Besides those awkward moments I really do enjoy being a full time student, and Stay-At-Home Husband. I love being able to focus all my time and energy on my schooling and really be passionate about what I'm learning.  Its worth the sacrifice to my ego. I also appreciate my wife so much more than I did before.  While she works tirelessly at her job, balancing six year olds, going to school herself and providing for the two of us, I am in awe at all she can do. And I'm building appreciation for when she gets to leave her job and become a full time mother.  I'll know a fraction of what she will be going through and that much more eager to help.

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  1. I remember when we lived in the apartment in the Avenues. . we looked forward to the other tenants leaving each morning so we could be noisy too! That is great you can focus on school. My children love you. . . thanks for being an awesome uncle!!