Wednesday, December 30, 2009

110 Things to do For the New Year

Okay everyone here is my list of things to do for 2010. I've been inspired by Megan's list so here it goes, its going to be an interesting year:
1. Get married.
2. Play the Game of Life. For real!
3. Paint myself Blue.
4. Kiss the one I love at least once a day.
5. Go kite flying.
6. Hike to the Top of the World.
7. Write a children's story.
8. See my love all in White.
9. Smile everyday.
10. Love passionately.
11. Laugh everyday.
12. Road trip with my WIFE.
13. Laugh in the face of danger.
14. Create a World.
15. Live my dreams.
16. Eat escargo!
17. Go to a live Rock Concert.
18. Learn to play the cello.
19. Sing my heart out.
20. Eat SpoonMe Frozen Yogurt.
21. Read a Book with Megan. (my soon to be wife)
22. Renew an old friendship.
23. Check 35 items out on my library card at one time.
24. Cut out snowflakes, and have a continual snow storm in my house.
25. Go skinny dipping.
26. Hike Mount Olympus.
27. Have a toga party.
29. Get a full-time job.
30. Learn some Italian.
31. Day-dream about Europe.
32. Pay the ultimate price for freedom: RENT.
33. Watch a Shakespearean play.
34. Laugh my guts out over nothing.
35. Stand backwards in an elevator.
36. Run cross country for 5 miles.
37. Shelf a cart under 20 minutes.
38. Write a book review about my favorite book.
39. Passionately kiss my love when she least expects it.
40. Stare at the sun.
41. Get a wicked awesome tan.
42. Swim in Bear Lake.
43. Paint a portrait.
44. Say yes for time and all eternity.
45. Touch a cactus.
46. Climb down a cave.
47. Visit the zoo.
48. Find a sexy tux.
49. Make a list of 111 things to do next year.
50. Have my first Christmas with a wife.
51. Go to Mass.
52. Eat a whole bag of peanut butter M&Ms.
53. Go rock climbing.
54. Eat deep-fried oreos at a fair.
55. Drive a Chevy Colorado.
56. Have my own car.
57. Surprise Megan with a gift.
58. Pick an entire field of wild flowers, run from the cops and give them to Megan.
59. Write a funny story.
60. Go window shopping for houses.
61. Do homework with my wife.
62. Mop the floor of my apartment.
63. Go to the Aquarium.
64. Watch all six movies of Star Wars.
65. Watch all six movies of Pride and Prejudice.
66. Beat Megan in a game of Risk.
67. Wear bright yellow on a gray day.
68. Finally live on a budget.
69. Be Conservative with my money.
70. Go to two full semesters of School at the U.
71. Make new friends with someone.
72. Go to a star party.
73. Go on a picnic.
74. Visit Antelope Island.
75. Photograph a sunset.
76. Visit an obscure Utah city.
77. Go cloud watching.
78. Set off Fireworks.
79. Roast and eat hot dogs.
80. Go camping!
81. Go canoeing.
82. Cry cause I'm laughing so hard.
83. Make a Chocolate cake with Megan, then eat it with our hands.
84. Try Indian food.
85. Cook Chinese food.
87. Make green-dyed waffles.
88. Talk with an accent for a day.
89. Spend a whole day in PJ's.
90. Live off of PB&J sandwiches.
91. Lose at a game of chess.
92. Own my own Laptop.
93. Wrap myself up in wrapping paper and a bow. stick me on my own front porch, address to Megan H. Erickson.
94. Run from one end of campus to the other.
95. Play tag in Walmart.
96. Kiss Megan in a Rain storm.
97. Read a book in a hammock with Megan.
98. Plant a garden.
99. Be sealed to Megan.
100. Tell someone I'm sealed to my wife forever!
101. Go karaoke singing.
102. Sing "The Sweetest Thing" by U2 to Megan, with a wooden spoon.
103. Wake up every day (for half the year) to Megan's face.
104. Write love note on bathroom mirrors to Megan.
105. Eat everything Megan cooks me.
106. Explore IKEA with Megan. . . Again.
107. Plant a tree.
108. Wash Megan's Car.
109. Drive through the country.
110. Go to Disneyland.

Happy New Year Yall!

Over and Out.

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