Monday, November 30, 2009

Life 101

It has been some times since I've blogged! Sorry to the world and whoever reads this. Life has really had me busy and I love it! Just to let everyone know, I became engaged on Thanksgiving night, 27th of November 2009. We were making wishes in front of one of the most beautiful buildings on earth and both of are wishes came true, isn't love just amazing? I'd have to say that life taught me one of its 101 lessons, never having been engaged before, it was a one in a life time experience. The lights, the cold crisp air, the warm beautiful face of the love of my life, and my shaking, fumbling fingers bringing up an extrodinarily bright and shiney diamond, the smile on her face. A "Yes, Yes, Yes!". Wow! And then before you know it, were kissing, laughing and crying all at once.

Now its December, Christmas is on the front step waiting to come in. Crazy how fast life can pass by us all right? Finals are over and now its just work and holiday cheer! Christmas is one of the best times of the year, sure you can make every other part of your year just as great, but there is something about the lights, the snow, family, friends and most of all the love. Some people ask, where's the love? We its here, in Christmas. We've been having some amazing storms in the past week, it was so extrodinary to me to see so much snow, since living in California, my mind has to switch back to a real winter, instead of their 50 degree winters. (Pretty much an extention of an amazing fall.) There's just no place like home.

We'll its not fully Christmas without the music, of course not the annoying overplayed "pop" christmas music that you hear every second of your shift at the store, but the beautiful sounds and melodies that come from choirs, lovers and everyone else. Singing in the car by yourself, or with your whole future family-in-law. I was privilaged to attend a choir concert of my future brother-in-law, who is an extrordinary singer himself, and part of one of the most incredible choirs I've ever heard! The concert was in this hall that has built in wavey walls. It's one of my favorite buildings, but the walls and ceiling that do actually have waves built into it, amplify the voices sung within it. Creating some of the most heart stopping accoustics. The music was phenominal! The choir, very professional and clear. It was raw talent that brought me to the edge of my seat. Once again life gave me it's 101 lessons, the beauty of a gift given to those to sing the heart strings of my own heart. To be of almost etherial voices. I was moved, touched and swept from my senses. Life is full of these simple and elegant experiences.

Oh today I was driving by the capitol building, what a beautiful grey granite buliding. Anyway, I saw a woman walking her poodle, big and fluffy white, with thick poof balls and the end of its feet. It was fabulously disgusting. Im glad its not my dog.

Life lesson: Shoveling three walks is more satisfying than doing just one.

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  1. Merry Christmas! <3 uhhh that is a heart but it doesn't look like it. <B :)