Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blustery Winter Day

Winter is upon us! I feel it in my bones! I couldn't believe the storm that swept through my hometowns! I was caught of guard as the front line of the storm swept inbetween the canyons of skyscrapers. My mind was and is still stuck on california weather, so my first thought was that someone had ordered a thousand snowmakers. It was whipping and twisting around everywhere, and i thought my nose was going to fall off as I felt my boogers freeze inside my nostrils. I was about to ask who had set them up and paid for it all, but then the reality and realization that it was moisture falling from the heavens fired through the synapses of my mind.
Three winters, three balmy, perfet winters its been since I have felt the bitter cold breath of Jack Frost on my face. It was magical and horrible all at the same time. And I loved it. The love of my life and I took refuged behind huge granite walls, and watched as winter began to unfurl its hand around us. I've forgotten how it feels, looks and smells.
Welcome Home Winter.

Today I told my mother that I had a blog going. She said to blow my nose. She's not into the "blogging" universe. Which isn't too bad a thing. I think she would rather suffer a thousand different gruesome and horrible deaths before even thinking about blogging. It provides for quite the converstions.

This morning I was looking again out my front window and saw that Capone and Charlie's mischief was afoot. They tore across my front yard as fast as they could, whipping past bushes and tearing the tops of frosted flowers off. You could see smiles of joy on their faces as their tongues lolled out. Charlie's mom (owner) came hunting after him first. She scrambled into her brand new subaru, probably muttering a few choice words to herself, and took off after them. Then I saw them come tearing pass my window in the opposited direction. A few minutes later Charlie's mom drove passed. This happened a few more times. And a few more. You should have seen the look on her face. I'm just glad, they're not my dogs.

I guess now the old sunny california me is dying away. I'm so excited to feel the true winter of the mountains again, but I am saddened that part of me will never come back, will never be the same. As my mother always says: Branch out, its good for you." I guess I will take heed and move onwards with life. It is the way of things. A bulb planted in the ground will sleep throught the long winter, to burst through frozen ground, past a blanket of snow and bear its beautiful bloom to the world, to let everyone know that spring has come. I am greatful for the winter, but a part of me will always wish for the spring.

Note for life: A bulb planted upside will alway find its way up to the sun.

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