Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Charcoal Gray November Day

As I sit here looking out at today, I can't help but wonder if God specifically made this month to look this gray and drab so all we could do would be to think of all the things we are thankful for. Today I'd have to say that I'm greatful for sunlight, for beautiful blue skies, for white puffy clouds, for green trees and even greener mountains. Interesting how the weather so effects our moods and emotions. For some of us, when the weather is gray, our moods turn even grayer, for others they stay the same. But for us few the eyes of our imagination open wide and gather all in. The horizans of life seem to go on forever and our brain gapes wide open to catch things we'd have never thought of before. I love days like this, my mind goes for some wild rides.

I just watched as my neighbor's dog, Capone, run across my yard, next door to his friend, Charlie's house. Apparently he couldn't play, so he came back, pausing to pee on some of my mother's dead flowers. If she'd seen, he would have been given hell. Im just glad he's not my Dog, nor my responcibility. But he is fun to watch and love (as the next-door-neigbhor). It's been interesting to see from this kind of view. I am an ex-dog owner, my own two sheep-dogs passed away more than a decade ago. And I find that a detatched sort of view is very interesting, and at times humorous and rewarding, but I do long for another dog.

This kind of weather entices me to draw in charcoal, it helps that I have an assignment due soon of a charcol drawing anyway. So I must be off. Good luck to all who are living this day! Do something creative, if only to pass the time!

Over and Out

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