Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Great Questions of the Universe

What a normal day its been. I had to think about that for a second. Yup today I could say that it was pretty normal. Woke up, went about daily habbits, work, school, driving, etc. My personality today has been calm, melow and well. . . NORMAL
I feel like I should be talking like a robot, TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER or something like that.
I'm having trouble finding what I want to say today. It quite interesting.

Today in art class were drawing pictures with white chalk, essentially doing backwards, putting the white in first and whats left and not touched by the chalk is the dark. Its a total reversal of the mind and the way one's eye looks at something. I love it. Its challenging. I just turned up my I-pod and had at it. I was in my own world, sing and drawing and shapping and blending. It was incredible! I got lost in it, so much that people had to tap me on the shoulder to get my attention. I love being that into a project, I seem to lose myself in expressing myself. Its hard to explain.

The other day I saw this 80 year old lady running through the leaves with her dog. It was one of those small dogs with the long hair, so it looked like a mop head. But it was jumping and running around her legs. She was having a ball, kicking up the leaves in the sunlight and laughing at her furry friend. It made me smile,and in a split second it was gone.
It wasn't my dog, but I wish it was.

Today I feel that all the questions I've had in my mind, or had asked to me could be answered by one simple thing. It made me laugh as I saw that answer in the words of a friend, as they quoted a much loved movie to me. What they said wasn't it in anyway, but the route my mind took to it, was, and is flawless.
The answer to all of lifes questions, and for that matter the universe's questions, today is. . . . . 42.

Over and Out

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