Monday, November 23, 2009

Broken toe day.

Its been a day! This morning I smashed my toe into the ground, don't ask how cause I'm too embarassed to say what happened. Well its been quite the expedition hobbling around everywhere. It makes me so greatful for those many times that I have a perfectly fine toe. Right now I'm listening to Coldplay's "In My Place" and I feel very "put" in my place.

You know what I've finally realized in my career of customer service? (5 or more years, I know so long) That I am being honed, molded and formed into the perfect customer. With the all my experience of meeting people I know who I want to be more like or who I dont ever want to be like, I'll be the best person to check out at the grocery store, or for that matter any kind of store. I think that all those mean customers should at least spend 7 years behind the counter of any retail or customer service job. And if that doesn't get it through their head they should be pummled until they do. That simple, right?

So I dont know how I feel about this blog, its probably not getting any viewing whatsoever, but I guess its a good way for a budding writer to get his thoughts down in writing. I would really like it if anyone who looks at this to offer a comment, even if it is: yeah this sucks, that would be good enough for me. Its like in Dumb and Dumber how he asks that girl if he has a chance with her and she says "one in a million." "So there's still a chance?!"

The best part of these "Broken Toe Days' is that I get to go home to the love of my life (well at least to her house for the time being) and tell her about my day, and have her adore me no matter what kind of fool I am. Its a miracle and a blessing to be in love. You find an equal that can overlook your faults and weaknesses and say: "I Love You", The three most beautiful words in human exhistance. "Te Amo" for you who speak spanish, "Je T'aime' for you who speak French, "Ich liebe dich' for you who speak in German, "Ti amo" for you italians.
And the rest of you out there on God's green earth:
"Wo ai ni", "Kimi o ai shiteru", "Es Tevi milu", "Szeretlek te'ged", " Tora dost daram", "Jag a"lskar dig", "Nga Chola Gagai Yo. Nga Chola Tsewa Yo", " Ikh hob dikh lib", "Eu te amo", "Ek is lief vir jou", "Ana Behibak", "Ana Behibek", "Volim Te Ba", "Ngo oi ney", "Mina armastan sind", "S' ayapo", "Kuv Hlub Koj", "Mu tumaku bhala paye", "Saya cintakan awak", "meh chi chain maai", "Nga naw hta ha ja.", "Inhobbok!", "Ma timlai maya/prem garchu", "Ayor anosh'ni", "Za Tasara Meena Kawam", "Za tha sara meena laram", "Ljubim te", "Gwa ai lee", "Ya tebya kahayu",
"Tom ho' ichema", "Mo ni ife re" and "'Rwy'n dy garu di.".

Over and Out


  1. michael i read your blog! and i like it!

  2. retail works you into a perfect customer for sure! I felt the same way. :) So I am at my Black Friday Boutique and I am sitting next to a Canadian vendor....weird and a vendor who sells antler knives and fire starters and hot dog antler sticks. I love my life, so many new adventures! Ha ha ha! Keep going on your blogging. Search random blogs and follow theirs and comment and then they will visit yours. :) We could have a day of blogging! (oh my gosh I totally got hit on by this artsy ceramics teacher, wow that is funny. He was so impressed with everything I have accomplished in life and then all of the sudden I realized he was hitting on me and I said "oh I am married!" He was embarassed and said "Wow you have to stop telling me about yourself I am so sad you are married" then it was awkward.....but yea this has been an interesting experience, I think I am not going to do it ever again. I am depressed. Maybe I will write a depressing post on my blog... :( Okay can't wait to see you tonight and make snowflakes! Love you!

  3. I agree about the customer service thing. I mean, even before I worked in fast food or a restaurant I always tried to be courteous and patient and clean up after myself, but now I'm uber-attentive. I stack plates and cups, I put all the garbage in the cups and make nice, neat little packages for the bussers. I talk very clearly into drive-thru speakers and I try to always have exact change. Yes, I think everyone should have one of those jobs. It also prepares you to run a household.

  4. I read. Just lurking and never commenting.
    Sorry about your toe. Good thing it was after Friday.