Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pizza! For Breakfast!

It's SATURDAY! The middle of the weekend!!!! No work and all play! For at least us chosen few.

Today I participated in the amazing ritual of pizza for breakfast. It all started out, from as far as I can remember, when my mom would run off to a retreat with alll her friends and us kids were left with Dad to take care of us. You know that saying, "When the cats away, the mice will play" ? Well that's exactly what happened with us. Every night was friday night, movies, staying up late and livin' the good life. Okay maybe not to that extent, but Dad was a lot more relaxed on the rules than mom. Anyways, Dad would have to feed us, and with him busy at work and not coming around till it was "dinner time" he would always swing by little ceaser's or dominos, or when I was really young: Godfather's pizza, and bring home pepperoni or pineapple pizza! It was like a dream come true, the warm box. the steam coming off the top of the pizza as you opened the lid, wafting the tantilizing smell throughout the kitchen. We kids would set the table up and be ready with our plates in hand. We each would grab our own and snarf it down like we were starving. And lets us not forget the complimentary A&W root bear liter or Sprite to wash all it down. Yeah, every night felt like friday night with dad in charge.
But then the next moring would dawn bright and way too early. We would stumble out of bed, bleary eyed and get ready for school. Dad was already up and getting things ready for breakfast. But there wasnt anytime for him to cook cream of wheat or oatmeal like mom would, because he was leaving the same time we were for his busy work day. So what did good old resourceful dad do? He brought out the cold pizza! Now I don't say this with any negativity, but actual gratitude. We would all gobble up that cold pizza, like it was going out of style! It was still good, and if you nuked it for a few seconds in the microwave, till it was just before the melting point, it came out even better than the night before. And the sent of it all in the air was a reminder to us of the fun we had the night before.
And to this day, when there is left over pizza in the fridge and I open the door, the same smell wafting into my face, I remember those great times together with my siblings and Dad, eating cold pizza for breakfast.

Today when I was putting up christmas lights, this random yellow lab came up to my property and just sat there and barked at me. Then, after a minute or two, got up and took off down the street. Maybe I wasn't doing a good job on the lights. I dunno, at least it wasn't my dog.

Note for life: When pruning rose bushes, wear gloves.

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