Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cloudy, with a Chance of Chicken Wings

Today, Wednesday the 11, I had a Norman Rockwell moment. You know those amazingly painted memories of children in a candy store with a jolley, red-faced man behind the counter, counting out pennies a bright-eyed and excited child has just given him.
Well that happened before my very eyes. I had just taken the money from such a child and was giving him his candy back, when i realized that I was that jolley man behind the counter. It totally made my day.
Next a woman walked into my hardware store. She had on a jacket the color of my soul. A violently, neon lemon. I screamed, was knocked off my feet, and couldnt speak for a few minutes. I just kinda went; uh-uh-duh-duh.........yeah. It was pretty sweet.
Now hopefully I'll end the day in a triumphal victory over my math class. Cross your fingers.
Over and Out.

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