Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Feeling the Sunshine

I can't believe that June is coming to a close! Summer is flying by!

The other day, actually yesterday morning, I started out with the best intentions, but ended up digging my self a hole to the underworld. A woman came into the store looking for staples for her staple gun. She needed in between 6.3mm to 7.9mm, or so I thought...
Turned out that the staples i got her were .3mm too long, so after driving home, she came back to the store and we tried a 7mm staple and that proved to be worse. It got jammed in the gun, and i succeeded in ripping my nails apart on the unscrew-able screws.
This poor lady left three or four times from the store. On the third time when she left and came back she just caved and bought a bran new stapler, with the wrong staples...again.
So, tossing my hands in the air, wanting to be sucked into a black hole, I got her the right staples and sent her on her way. Don't worry I gave her the staples free.
She was real sweet through the whole experience, and said she would come back.
What a way to start a Monday, at least I sold her the new staple gun right?

This week I read an awesome book, mind you it was another children's book, its called: I wanna Iguana by Karen Kaufman Orloff, Illustrated by David Catrow.

Its pretty much the best.

By the way, Keith Urban rocks.

I'm glad this isn't my dog


  1. That dog came from the underworld that wanted to suck you in!!!!!! Ha ha ha! Great post! Miss you bucket loads!

  2. For a good sci fi read get Greg Park's "Veil of Darkness". I think you will like it a lot. :)

  3. Really?? I'll have to look that up!