Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Adventures Afoot!

Exciting things are coming to my life! I love how life takes sudden and unexpected turns.

My wife just said: "I don't ever imagine it being cold enough to wear a jacket ever again."
Just thought that was funny.

Anyways, as some of you may already know, Megan has found a job at West Point Elementary School as a part-time morning Kindergarten Teacher. She interviewed and received the job in the same day, I believe only three hours apart. She also received two other job offers at the same time. But something told both of us this was the job for her.

As for me, I am currently filling out my BYU application for admissions and persuing a degree in Industrial Design! I never thought I would be excited to go to BYU, but stranger things have happened..... Maybe.
By the way for those who aren't familiar, Industrial Design is the Art of Engineering. The engineers make the product, its functional, we the Industrial Designists make it look awesome!
Don't worry UofU fans that are my friends, my blood is red through and through.

Does anyone remember who their Kindergarten teacher was?

The other day I was craving a good sci-fi read, yeah I know I'm a nerd. So I went and check out the original Star Wars books, they pretty much rock, I recommend it to any sci-fi lover.

Its summer finally, the weather is hot, I'm reading books like crazy, Megan and I are working our tails off, and I have a constant image of poplar trees next to golden wheat fields.

Has anyone read "There's an Owl In The Shower!"
I read it in elementary and loved it, if you haven't, do it!

And for my last thought of the day, I'm taking (almost) private lessons from sculptor Mike Call, Wednesday nights. I had my first class and it was amazing!
I realized two things: Mike Call is amazing and makes scuplting look like child's play and I suck at scuplting, I have a lot to learn.

This was a piece done by him, he is incredible.

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