Sunday, June 6, 2010

When Somebody Loves You

Well world! Life has come down to the earth again, except I still feel this floating sensation all around me. Hmmm..... I rather like it.

Megan and I are settling in well. We have a beautiful apartment that looks out at the freeway and neighboring park. The sky is so blue and big when you come down to the edge of the foothills. :) I am deeply entrenched in working full time with both my jobs and Megan starts her crazy schedule of I think teaching 4 or 5 different classes at the Museum of Natural History tomorrow! I'm very excited for her, she is a wonderful teacher and I know that everyone taught by her will benefit from it.

Everyday I wake up to Megans beautiful face, and every night I got to be with her gentle breathing next to me. What more is there to life than that? Were getting use to the feeling of sharing a bed, but its comfort and a joy to roll over and see her face in the moonlight.

I thank God everyday for giving me an angel to spend my life with.

To grind and shift gears a bit here is an excerpt of something that might be featured on my blog:

what not to do in customer service.
A child came up to me today and said,
"When I grow up I want to be an Artist!"
My responce was:
"Well you'll never make any money."

Thankfully that was just in my head, I just smiled and said, "Well you better have fun with that."

Isn't life just funny? One second you are at the top, looking down at everything and feeling like it couldn't get any better that where you are, then you get knocked of by the next person in line, tumble down the hill and have to start up yet another mountain.

Good thing the view is always better at the next mountain top, otherwise there wouldn't be any point to it all.

Our basement dweller has blue hair and two puppies, a boxer and a pitbull. He is a great person, but has been shorted a few brain cells. One dog is called DOG, the other I think is Daisy. They are both adorable and don't bark a lot.

I think he barks more than they do.

Thank goodness its not my dog.

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  1. I'm glad Megan's breathing is gentle. Does it smell good too?