Friday, October 31, 2014

An Afternoon in October

     The leaves whispered above me as I laid under the cool shadows of a tree. 
     "Rest, rest." The tree called with every breath of wind. I found myself lost in the moment, unaware of all around me. Which is why when I heard the screaming, I didn't immediately jump from where I lay.
     Something dripped on my face and arm. Curious I opened my eyes. The leaves swung in the late afternoon breeze, red gold in the sunlight, blue sky unrelenting against the autumn colors. 
     The screaming continued. 
     Another drop fell from the bows above, splashing down onto my nose. A metallic tang filled my senses and I quickly raised my hand to my face. I wiped the liquid from my skin, smearing it over my cheek. It was warm and clung to my skin unlike ordinary liquid that fell from the sky. 
     More drops fell on me and I stood up slowly, a drop landing square in my open mouth. My stomach dropped and heart began to race. 
     It was blood. 
     Blood was falling from the tree. 

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