Friday, October 31, 2014

Brother and Sister

     Streetlights flickered on and off while rain fell lightly on black asphalt roads. The neatly trimmed hedges along either side of the sidewalk grew darker with each passing minute. 
     "Hansel you're walking too fast! It's too slickery for my shoes." To prove the point Hansel's sister Gretel slid through a shallow puddle. 
     Neon lights flickered between water droplets, they were alone it seemed. 
     "Did you hear that?" Hansel's hands tightened around Gretel as the unmistakable slosh of feet echoed off locked store fronts. 
     "He's followed us." Gretel began to shake at her own words. Unbidden, both moved quickly, skirting puddles as their plastic rain jackets whipped behind them. 
     "There! See that store! I think it's open, there's a light on!" Gretel fought down rising bile as she scanned shelves and shelves of brightly packaged items through large windows. The foot falls grew louder as their follower splashed heedlessly through puddles. 
     He was getting closer. 
     They reached the door, which was cheerfully frosted to look like a waterfall. Large curved door handles seemed to reach for their open hands. Hansel hesitsted, 
     "This isn't right." 
     "Hansel this is no time to think, we're going to get caught by Him!" Hansel reached out and grasped the brightly colored door. It stuck fast to his skin, as if coated in sugar. 
     "It's sticky...Gretel, I think it's made out of-" Before he could finish the statement Gretel pushed him inside, the door clicking shut behind them. "-candy."

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