Friday, October 31, 2014

The Meeting

     The table was set, boiled water having been placed by a servant moments earlier. The man obsessively straightened a tray of biscuits, alining it perfectly with the cream container. 
     "Now we are ready." 
He muttered to the room at large, glancing at the gold brushed teapot. It glinted menacingly in the lap light. A gentle knock echoed in the room, "Let him enter, Gerald, the gentleman is expected."
     He glanced one last time at the dragon weaving it's snake like body across the clay surface of the pot. A suited man entered the room, scanning anything everything he could get his eyes on.
     "Ah yes Mr. Holmes, delighted to meet you at long last."
     Mr. Holmes stared quizzically at him, and the red curtains behind the man. "Don't be so courteous  Moriarty, we both know exactly why we're here." 
     Professor James Moriarty smiled, "The game is afoot then!"

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