Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day Before Road Trip

Moses Hogan!!!! Its taken this day long enough to come!!! Tomorrow will probably be unbarable! But I can't wait! Bachelor Road Trip here we come!!!!!

One last fling with my three best friends!!
5 days in the glorious California Sun, then its on to the WEDDING!!!! YEAH!!!! Oh, I'm not excited about getting married at all. . . Okay thats a bald-face-lie! It's never going to come soon enough!!!!! Do the exclamation marks get my point through?

Today I voted for new student government at the U. It was between NOW and ICE groups. I had no idea what they were about, until i got out of my A.A. class early(no I'm not an alcoholic) and saw their booths set up by the library. I walked up to them and asked what they were out to do. They told me their shpeal (yeah say that one to yourself out loud, can't spell) and then I walked into the library and voted. I picked NOW. They were more organized and promised to save 4,000 more dollars than the other group. Plus they were wearing green. :)

Speaking of green "HAPPY SAINT PATRICKS DAY!!!!" I was walking to class today and no one around me had green on. I was like: What is this?? Did they miss the memo?
I was sorely tempted to run up to them and pinch them, but. . . my moral compass actually worked. Yeah.

.....Yeah these are creepy.......

I didn't see any dogs yet today. If I had one, though, I would dye it green.
Is that animal cruelty?


  1. I been wearin so much green today, laddy, that my wif ask'd me if a Leprechaun threw up on me and me coworkers been callin me the jolly green giant. Yar. I be a pirate leprechaun.

  2. Oh I am so jealous! But I am very excited for you and you better put pictures up on your blog afterward! Love you and have a safe trip!By the way my password word to leave a comment was LADHAG. You can't get anymore Irish than that! Ha ha ah!