Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Writers Block

I can't think right now. I just wasted a lot of gas, walked a long way in the rain and stressed over a class that never happened. Life just isn't good tonight. Now I can just only pray that I make it out of here alive and without a parking ticket.

I feel bad for the shark. Hey, at least its not my dog. . .


  1. Wow that picture is tiny. Man today just sucks!

  2. yeah. it's been a rough day. maybe tomorrow will be better. Even though I haven't gone to college for a couple of years, I still have dreams where I do something like you just did. I dream all the time that the reason that I haven't graduated yet is because there's a biology class that I still have to take. I dream that I am a total slacker and I never go to class, then in my dream I stress real bad and miss the tests and I freak out that I am never going to finish school. The real life truth is that I am still working on my thesis! Someday that will end too. I guess you could say, the thesis is my dog.

  3. Gosh I am having a really rough day today too even though this happened to you 4 days ago I just want you to know I am sympathizing with you. Sigh, can we all just pull the covers up over our heads and sleep?