Monday, March 15, 2010


This morning has been eventful! After sitting through yet another "prejudice" movie in my A.A.(don't ask) class today, I spent my institute time talking to a fellow student in my class that I didn't even know. Turns out he is just like me, LDS, returned from his mission about 8 months ago,
from England, and is getting into the whole college scene. I forget his name, but he was nice and personable. We talked about life, history and of course our mission.
The conversation was so refreshing! I love talking about my mission and the gospel, and even more so, hearing others experience and testimonies. I love it! This world gets so caught up on the rusty nails of the floor of life. They already got tetnis from the first stub, now their intent on infecting their entire body. Come on! Lets focus on the sky! Whats around you and what really matters!
So to that new friend I made today: Thanks for the pick-me-up.

I have 58 days left till marriage! They drag on like the line at the DMV. I think I'll hit 70 before May 12th comes. Love is a funny and amazing thing.

No dogs yet today.

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