Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A thought . . .

How do you live your life? Do you live it to impress others? Do you live it just because? What is it worth? Can you pick it up and pocket it in all of its entirety? Is it something to be of consequence? Will it shake the world? Change peoples lives? Will your life be remembered by generations? Will it be forgotten by the future? Will it be reflected on again and again as a lesson to be learned from, or a mistake to be avoided?

Who do you live your life for? Yourself? Love? The world? Money? Friends? Family? Are those things or people well loved by you? Do you even care about them? Are they strangers to be looked upon for judgments? Is your life a pearl to be cast before swine?

Today I realized my life is so much more than just for me and my experience. I learned that I can't only live for my wants and dreams. Life becomes a one way street when lived like this. You and only you are at the end of that road. And when you come to it, there's nothing else for it.
Life should be lived, but for a person or persons other than ourselves. Family, the love of your life, brothers, sisters, grandparents, friends. All are there to be influenced by and gain influence from. Like a drop in the sea, or a voice in the choir. All has a place and a function, sometimes a separate entity, an individual but always accompanied, surrounded or sustained.

I want to live my life so in the end, I won't be alone. I want to see my friends, my family, my children, my grandchildren, all at the end, cheering me on, just waiting to celebrate together, as one.

It's been a thought provoking day.