Monday, October 4, 2010

9-1-1 Emergency Call October 13, 2001 9:01p.m.


"911 emergency-"
"Please you need to help me!"
"What is the situation ma'am?"
"I'm stuck inside of an elevator."
"Is security on their way?"
"Yes, but-"
"Then all you have to do is sit tight mam, they should be there in a few-"
"I don't have time! Somethings in here with me."
"Sorry miss did you say someone is there with you, are they hurt?"
"NO, its not with me, its outside."
"The person is outside? Are they leaving the elevator?"
"Oh my gosh you don't understand."
"Ma'am, where are you?"
"Oh gosh, its close. I can hear it crawling towards me."
"Ma'am, where are you?"
"A hotel."
"Which hotel?"
"Its sniffing, oh, it can smell me. I GOING TO DIE!"
"Ma'am, which hotel?"
"What hotel?! It doesn't matter, freak I'm going to die!"
"Ma'am try to stay calm, you aren't going to die. What hotel are you in?"
"Oh my- its going to crawling inside. Oh Gosh, help me!"
"Ma'am, try to remain calm."
"Are you still there?"
"Yes ma'am, just tell me where you are and I can get our guys to you."
"Where am I? Where am I! Freak its getting closer."
"Focus,okay whats your name?"
"My name? Lisa, its Lisa."
"Where are you Lisa, whats the name of the hotel."
"I'm Lisa,I'm in the.... Oh my its climbing around. . .the Radisson! I'm here in the Radisson."
"Which one?"
"How'm I suppose to know that? Oh freak, I think its chewing through."
"Lisa stay with me girl, Focus! Where are you?"
". . . . .its the one on north and 36Th, by the freeway."
"Perfect, were calling there now, just stay with me-"
"LISA stay calm, LISA I'M HERE!"
". . . "
". . . . ."
"Honey, are you still there?"
". .the lights are out, I can't. ."
"Don't worry help is on the way."
". . .its. . .its. . ."
". . . ."
"Its inside. . ."
". . . ."
". . I- somethings moving on the ceiling. . "
". .I . .don't. . ."
". . .hsssssss."

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  1. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Was the hissing the girl from Just Friends? Ha ha ha!
    No seriously this scared me, so amazing!