Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dream 1, Part 1

This story comes from a dream I had, it has to be broken into segments, which will be updated day to day (probably at 10:00am every day). So if some parts are boring, stay tuned! It'll prove exciting I hope.

A Nightcrawler's Dream

I feel movement around me, my body shifting left and right. I am accelerating, my blood rushes up to my brain, I can feel bumping, and there’s a roar. Nothing is in focus around me, I am rushing along in complete darkness. I hear something, muffled sounds, like shrieking, yelling. I feel my body jerk, then complete darkness envelopes me again.
“Hey . . .” there is a push on my arm; I think it’s my arm. “It’s okay, wake up, your safe now, wake up.”
The voice is unfamiliar, I ache to open my eyes, but it feels like someone is pressing down on my skull, forcing me into the ground. I twitch a lid.
“That’s it, nice and easy, just don’t move quickly.” The voice is clear and deep, I’ve never heard it before. I finally lift one lid, my left one, though it shouldn’t matter right now. Everything is blurry still, I try to open my right eye, light pours in, and I flinch.
“Its going to be okay, you’re in a safe place.” The voice is in front of me, I can feel breath on my face. I inhale, and the room snaps into focus. I look into the bearded visage of a man, dressed in a lab coat. Behind him is the smallest hospital room I’ve ever seen in my life, and weirdly enough through the door that leads out into the hall has two seats, a steering wheel and a windshield.
“Where am I?” My voice seems to bubble from my lips, I find it alien, like it hasn’t been used in years.
The man in front of me smiles, “You’re in MCL 32, Mobile Chemistry Lab 32. I know it’s a bit disorienting, you’ll probably feel that after the action you’ve seen.’
“Do you remember anything?” His voice grows softer.
“What do you mean?”
“You’ve been in a coma for a month.”
I know shock should be paralyzing me right now, but all I can feel is numb.
“A coma. . .for a month?”
The man walks over to a calendar on the wall: it reads October 1st 2011. He flips pages back, “Yeah, I picked you up the beginning of September, see, and I’ve been trying to wake you up since then.”
I feel weakness flood into me, my mind is racing over a blank slate in my mind, “Where, how, why?”

I feel disjointed, and I can see darkness trailing the edges of my vision.
Something somewhere beeps, and I feel several forces pulling me into the bed, the wall, the floor and the ceiling. The darkness seems to keep threading itself into my eyes.
I feel pain, lots of pain, and I hear something, a low hissing that swallows itself into darkness.

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