Friday, October 22, 2010

Dream 1, Part 5

“I can’t let you go." The statement echos in my ears. "I can't let you go."
You see. . . I think you have a special connection with the Night-Crawlers. One that I haven’t seen in anyone, you attract them.” I gasped involuntarily taking a step back, “listen please we don’t have time. I need you for my experiment, tonight were going to park the bus outside the walls, where they’ve had the most Night-Crawler action. I need you to bring them to me.”
That uneasy feeling is back, and behind it is a cloud of fear. Whoever is watching me, I can feel them drawing closer, because of my fear. I look at Otis, his pleading in my eye, I look out the window, a group of soldiers is waiting by the front of the bus; someone tall is walking towards them.
“Please, this could be humanity’s salvation.”
I have to say yes, it’s the only way. I can feel it inside of me. I nod my head, not a minute to soon, the doors to the bus click open and I hear booted feet coming up the stairs. A tall beefy man, with arms the size of my entire body parts the plastic and steps towards us. His demeanor is one that demands respect and fear from all. Surprisingly enough, I feel nothing, just blankness.
The man sneers at me and turns to Otis, “So you and you’re . . . son are here to capture one of the Night-Crawlers. Well good luck. There’s not a chance in hell you be able to. Our gunners have to blast everything outside the walls to get anything. They can’t ever see them. But I guess if you come from the Top Dogs themselves, I’ll have to humor you. You both leave at Oh Seven Hundred, be ready.”
Turning from Otis he sneers at me again, I keep my face blank. He’s gone; Otis turns to me with a grin, “Let’s get rolling.”
The mountains are on fire again. I’m looking at them feeling my own fear. I can feel them coming near. Were outside the walls now, down a small suburban street, dead limbs and leaves have fallen around and blow in the breeze. Several houses still stand looking at us through smashed windows. I have no idea what day it is, or how long I’ve been with Otis, but I know I must escape tonight. I’m not sure how, maybe I’ll make a dash for it before the Night-Crawlers come, but I know they’re close.

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