Friday, October 1, 2010

October Ushered in!

Yay its October!!!!! Autumn, leaves changing, chili season, corn bread, corn mazes, pumpkins, costumes, haunted houses, scary movie nights, jack-o-lanterns, candy corn, Halloween!!!!!!!!

This is the best month of the year! I'm so excited. But to back up a bit into September. I had a great going away present from the month. It took the form of:

Not kidding. My quiet library world was SHATTERED, not kidding you, SHATTERED into an oblivion when (we'll call her Super Nova Girl) walked into the door, actually I think she flew in, from her bike's seat, humming with energy all the way there.
Immediately she started to talk to me in Spanish, like she knew exactly who I was and that we had a friendship since our birth. In fact the intensity with which she talked to me seemed like our mothers allowed us to communicate through their pregnant bellies, no exaggeration there.
My co-worker and I were trying to figure out if I really did have any kind of "relationship' wither. IN 14.2 MILLISECONDS I figured I'd never seen her in my lifetime, and thus sat back for the experience of a life time.

Apparently SUPER NOVA GIRL had ridden her bike, with her significant other and followed by her father in a Mercedes that apparently she was not entitled to ride in because of an "unmentionable phrase' of a father that she had, from Bountiful to Farmington.
Where upon she had come to called upon the vast resources of the Library to find all the books written by one author. (Confused yet? So was I.)

So I did the only logical thing: diplomatically placing her in the capable hands of the Reference Librarian. Bless her heart. I ran for cover after that.

I hid in the back room, giggling to myself from the exchange and surfaced to find SUPER NOVA GIRL waiting for me at the checkout counter with exactly 15 books written by the same author. And one book for a coin collection that had coins from around the world, ranging in date from the late 1800's till now, which was more than me or my button shoes could be worth. (I don't have buttons on my shoes, just laces).

The counter was slightly vibrating from the excess aura reverberating off of SUPER NOVA GIRL and my hands shook from the energy as I check out each book and placed it into doubled up plastic sacks.

All the while SUPER NOVA GIRL was rambling about Farmington government officials coming after her, her father's car, books by the same author, and coin collections.

The minute her card passed from my hand back to her, she was off again with all sails flying. She leapt onto her bike, with her significant other in tow, and father's Mercedes following.

With all the gusto of a Red Dwarf Star imploding in on itself, she promptly ran her bicycle into the retaining wall just outside the front steps and flipped over the handle bars.

Unshaken and with sturdy resolve,SUPER NOVA GIRL pounced on her bike once again and was off. By which time I had retreated to the back rooms of the Library doubled up in a fit of laughter that I count not contain nor control.

This whole experience can be summed up in one phrase: Like drinking gasoline straight from the hose, while the hose is on fire,while the pump pumping the fuel is melting and expanding, and the whole gas station itself is exploding into a roiling mass of destruction.

Thank goodness its not my dog.